Commission Prices

Interested in getting some sick illustration work, punk? You're in the right place!

Once you’ve checked my pricing guide shoot me an email at cocadopeink[[at]] and I’ll get you sorted!!
Keep in mind the best way to get my attention is by giving me more information up front, whether it’s character/background references, written descriptions, or just a bombastic attitude. The more personal and realized, the more likely it is I’ll be sucked into the concept.

If you're interested in something more specific that isn't listed here, still feel free to contact me and we can work it out!
Keep in mind commercial work for professional web-assets/merchandise starts around the same pricing zone, but is posed to additional fees.


Full Illustrations [[ Starting at $400 ]]

Now these are my bread and butter and what most people know me for! If you've got a scene with some sick characters in mind, I'm 100% sure I can turn that into a reality. Due to nature of complexity with these pieces they'll typically start around $400 for the base background and character and move upward with additional characters and trickier elements.  


Simple Character [[ $80 base ]] 

This umbrellas work centered more on, you guessed it, characters. Base price is $80 but can go up based on how many characters are involved and how complex the setup and elements are.